I’ve made up an autoexec for Dota 2 which tweaks some stuff and adds new features that can’t be changed in the options menu. Feel free to change the settings to your likes!

  • Visual Spellrange Aid
  • Optional Right-click Denies
  • Bigger Minimap Icons
  • Netcode tweaks
  • Auto-Courier Scripts
  • and many more…

Range Indicator

Range Indicator

Change the bindings in the top section of the config file to your own custom keys. Keep in mind that you need some custom bindings to be able to use the scripts such as e.g. the courier script.

Then copy the “autoexec.cfg” into your “X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg” folder and run Dota 2. Optionally you can run it with the launch parameters “-console -novid” (-novid disables the valve intro sequence and -console enables the ingame console).

Then once in an actually running Dota 2 match, manually execute the autoexec file in your console (you have to bind the console toggling in the options menu) via the command “exec autoexec.cfg” or the F8 key and you should be done! Make sure to review the .CFG file and change all the settings to your likes. I’ve explained most of the settings within the file.

The CFG file will receive updates in the future so make sure to check it out again once in a while. Version number will be updated within the file accordingly.

Download Dota 2 Config